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The guitar is without a doubt one of the most popular instruments in the world. However, the classical guitar is not widely familiar to many people. Even though it is not familiar, the comment I hear from audience members after they hear me play is, “I didn’t know the guitar can sound like that.” To my surprise, I even hear that comment from well esteemed classical musicians. 

My mission with starting this guitar orchestra is to make the classical guitar have the same popularity and reputation as the other classical music instruments. It is such a beautiful art form and has so much potential to touch the hearts of a much wider audience. One of Andres Segovia’s goals in his career was for “conservatories to teach guitar at the same dignified level as the piano, violin and cello.” As a classical guitar educator, I will continue that mission in hopes that the guitar will be just as familiar as hearing classical piano and symphonies. 


Instead of renting a studio space and making the tuition high, we are rehearsing at our home as a music studio to make the tuition reasonable which is $80/month

Because we really want to support the upcoming generation of young musicians, we are currently working on scholarship funds and instrument. Please help us to make our dream come true!

Spread beautiful music together.


Ask any questions!


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